NGADM '14 Round 2

2014-09-09 13:09:40 by Jay-Turner

Well I was lucky enough to make to round 2 of NGADM'14. My submission for round two is here:-

I tried to create something more thematic this time... I think to that end I succeeded, it does have repeating melodies. However I am on the whole dissatisfied with this piece. I feel like my music for round 1 ( was much more interesting to listen to, frankly I think my round 2 piece is very boring!

It lacks dynamics, its very slow and nothing much happens. I wouldn't have posted it if it were not for it being in a competition, but its a learning curve. Also I'm not too happy with my VSTs this time, I really wanted a woodwind section sound but I've had to use single sample instruments as I don't have a package for woodwind sections. It ended up sounding a bit wierd, almost too reverby (yet it sounds dead with less).

So, I'm not too hopeful this round D: ... but I will see if the judges concur with my own criticisms.


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